Mike Witthar 


Position in Fire Department:  

Engineer/ EMTI-85 


Number of years served on Fire Department: 

Since 2005 (7+)


Why you became a firefighter (paramedic,EMT, Etc.): 

I was initially drawn to the big red trucks.  As I got more involved as a volunteer I felt as though I belonged in the fire service and that continues to motivate me to be a better firefighter/EMT.


What do enjoy most about being a firefighter (paramedic,EMT, Etc.):

I enjoy helping solve the problems which we are called out to, whether it’s a leaky pipe or a medical emergency.  It’s gratifying to know that we help to improve people’s lives.


Other outside interests:

Fishing,  Hunting, Skiing,  and  other outdoor sports.


Your charity choice (should the local decide to compete – member with the most hours of community service donates an amount to their chosen charity):

The Hunger Coalition


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