Name:  Tory_Canfield.png

Tory Frank Canfield


Position in Fire Department: 

Senior Lieutenant/Paramedic, Fire Training Officer


Number of years served on Fire Department:

17 years, joined in 1995


Why you became a firefighter (paramedic, EMT, Etc.):   

I initially became a firefighter because it looked like a lot of fun.  Once I finished the fire academy and I learned how rewarding it was, I realized that I wanted to learn all aspects of the fire service.  I took every class and training opportunity and responded on as many calls that I could.  I am very passionate about serving the public as a firefighter and paramedic.


What do enjoy most about being a firefighter (paramedic, EMT, Etc.):

Being able to help someone in their time of need, making a positive difference in someone’s life and in their community. 


Other outside interests:

I love to be moving outside and I am usually training for some race.  My favorite activities are rowing, mountain biking, skate skiing, triathlons, snow boarding, backcountry skiing and camping.  I am also a city planner and the proud mother of a 6 year-old daughter.  I am currently learning to play the violin.


Your charity choice (should the local decide to compete – member with the most hours of community service donates an amount to their chosen charity): 

Galena Lodge, Wood River Animal Shelter, Wood River Bike Coalition, SVAS






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